Transdermal *and* sublingual, this is some incredibly fast acting relief. A topical tincture with edible ingredients, that's completely safe if licked. With ingredients that are beneficial to both skin & coat, as well as internal organs, such as a wide range of B vitamins, folic acid to aid in their absorption, and vitamin e with 100mg CBD. In tasty peanut butter with a convenient dropper. Apply directly to skin, wounds, or tongue, put in shampoo, bath or ice cubes!


Start with one drop per 5lbs, you'll know within 30 seconds if another drop is needed, so start small. Rest assured that extra will just make them happy, groggy, calm, and perhaps a bit wobbly, so don't worry about overdoing it, and, there's no need to as it's instant acting and you'll know right away. If animal is experiencing severe syptoms such as seizure, cancer, painful arthritis, etc, start with 2 drops per 5lbs. $11

PB Power Paws