Reimagining Cannabis

one magic morsel at a time

Northwest Wonderland

Transforming your experience

we specialize in creating the purest, most imaginative products in Washington State.

Offering you endless new ways to incorporate cannabis into your life and diet, effortlessly.


Every item we offer is full spectrum, gluten free, from an allergen friendly kitchen, all natural, and free from any harmful pesticides. Nature, naturally.

most Everything but our Just Be.e honey is vegan & As Nature is sweet enough, sugar isn't + to anything.

Many of our lines even offer the option to choose your own adventure and ratio, with options available in both THC + CBD.

Small, handcrafted batches, in depth scientific calculations, and rigorous testing at every stage (plant, oil & edible) ensure an even an consistent dose, every time.

Experience cannabis like never before & embrace the magic within, today. 

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